A love for dance and music lead me to the theatre and a working apprenticeship with Burt Reynold’s Jupiter Theatre in Jupiter, Florida where I got my start. After 3 years of touring internationally out of Los Angeles, California with Covenant Players I returned to Sarasota, Florida to be a resident company member with TheatreWorks. Now I'm a producer and actress working in and out of Los Angeles, California. To visit my production company's website click here Sandy Watters & Company.


I LOVE this show! I have a scene with Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) on the season finale. Jerry is such a great guy and was a jewel to work with! I'm watching every episode I can find and it appears my episode (#6.12) will air on Sunday evening, September 27th on HBO, 10:30 (Pacific).

June update,
Last week I attended the WIF Lucy & Crystal Awards. Holly Hunter, Jodi Foster, Debbie Allen and so many other women that I admire attended. This week has been eventful as I had an audition for a "Skittle's" commercial and today for Entourage.....a scene with "Turtle".

I'm working on a new webseries and my Executive Producer loved my story idea so I start writing the script tonight. Life is good!

Emmy Night,
My first blog. I'm inspired because the Emmys are on! I have a background in wardrobe and I love to watch the Red Carpet and look at the designs.

I'll admit I dream of the time that I will be on the Red Carpet at the Emmys Awards as a nominee. Maybe I can set a trend for DELUXE women!

In June I worked on all aspects of the Celebration of Women Director's at the DGA for the Women's Steering Committee and on Sept. 9th we had the Showrunner panel that I was lucky enough to coordinate. The ladies were amazing and it was really a fun, casual meeting. Thania St. John (Eureka), Nicole Yorkin and Dawn Prestwich (The Riches), Tony Graphia (Terminator, Sarah Connor Chronicles) as well as Marti Noxon (Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice) and Alison Taylor (Cheetah Girls 1 & 2 and Just Jordan)were on the panel. I decided to forego the formal introductions (we had bios for everyone) and we just talked about the business. Thania really was amazing and kept the conversation going and Nicole was great as she approached me initially after a SAG meeting and told me about the League of Hollywood Women Writers which was formed after the Writer's strike.

I'm attending an event next Friday hosted by the League....since I'm still new to LA I hope to learn alot!